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Thank you for your interest in Nintendo's Anti-Piracy Program.

The primary goal of the Anti-Piracy Program is to reduce Internet piracy, availability of various infringing devices used to play illegal Nintendo game files, and the production and distribution of counterfeit Nintendo products around the world. Through education, raising awareness and legal actions, Nintendo is working hard to preserve the video game industry's ability to make investments into developing new and exciting games, and to give all legally-sold Nintendo games a chance to succeed.

Developing a single video game often takes several years of work for teams of game developers, artists, animators, musicians, motion capture artists and others. Costs also climb into the millions of dollars to develop and bring one game to market. Piracy continues to be a significant threat to Nintendo's business, as well as over 1,400 game development companies working to provide unique and innovative games for the Nintendo platform.

Internet piracy and counterfeiting of Nintendo's video game products is illegal. We hope to enlist your support for intellectual property protection and with your help reduce video game piracy worldwide.

We appreciate your support in the battle against piracy.

Report Piracy

Please send us your tips about counterfeit Nintendo products or infringing devices used to play illegal games.


How To Detect Counterfeit Nintendo Products & Infringing Devices

The following information lists tips and photos to help you determine whether or not a product is counterfeit, and provides photos of various infringing devices used to play illegal games.


Internet Piracy

Please review information on Internet Piracy related to Nintendo products.



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