Tips to Detect Counterfeit Products & Infringing Devices

  1. Except for WiiWare™, Virtual Console™ and Nintendo DSiWare™ games purchased via the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop, Nintendo does not offer or authorize for sale any product that allows the play of game files downloaded via the internet onto handheld or console systems.
  2. Be cautious when purchasing Nintendo products via online auctions, trade boards or through smaller, less-known online retailers.
  3. Carefully consider whether to purchase from Asian websites offering large quantities of Nintendo products at low prices.
  4. The product could be counterfeit if offered well below normal retail price.
  5. Look closely at the ink found on game discs, cartridges and packaging, as well as the Nintendo Seal of Quality trademark placed on the packaging and/or the game disc or cartridge. If the Nintendo Seal of Quality trademark is missing or the ink appears to be of poor quality, the product is counterfeit.
  6. Counterfeiters may ship the game disc or cartridge separate from the packaging or instruction manuals. If you purchase your product online, please note that Nintendo's games come fully assembled, within its packaging and contains all relevant instruction materials.
  7. Use caution when purchasing used games. Make sure the product is not counterfeit, using the same tips outlined above.